How to Get People to Watch Your Opportunity Video

Have you ever had an annoying prospect that tells you how interested they are but they won’t take the time to watch your opportunity video? In this article, I am going to talk to you about how to get people to watch your opportunity video.

Your upline has probably told you not to say too much to your prospects and to get them to watch the video. You have probably run into some people that simply won’t take the time to watch the video, even if it is just five minutes. This can be mind-boggling and frustrating when your prospect keeps telling you how important their future goals are to them.

Make Them Thirsty for It

If people don’t have proper motivation to watch the video, it is unlikely they are going to take time out to give it a proper look. How do you make them thirsty for the opportunity video?

Tell them what they are going to learn in the video. Are they going to learn how to create the income with a simple system? Are they going to learn to create residual income? You need to edify the video so they see how important it is to take time out.
Another thing you need to make sure to do is ask them “When are you going to watch the video?” They will give you a time and you want to set a time to follow-up right after they are done watching the video.

These are very simple but they are very effective ways to get your prospects to take a look at the information.

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