3 Top Tips for Massive Holiday Recruiting

When the holidays come around, you may be thinking it is time to relax, but this is a perfect time for you to rev up your business engine. In this article, I am going to talk to you about 3 top tips for massive holiday recruiting.

When everyone else it out taking time off not paying attention to their business, this is the perfect time for you to make your move. Recruiting over the holidays can be done in a classy manner and have you as the hunted vs the hunter.

Be Excited

No one wants to do business with someone that isn’t excited about what they are doing. You don’t even have to be directly excited about your business. You can be excited about life and people are going to ask you what you are doing and open the conversation.

When people ask you about what you are doing and what is happening, give them a super short but excited clip of what’s been going on and then tell them, you’d rather not talk business until after the holiday. You can then book an appointment.

Paint the Vision

When you are speaking with people, you should paint the vision of what life is going to look like a year from now. You don’t even have to mention your company name. You can talk about things you are going to do, see and learn. People will be attracted to you and want to talk more. This is all you want. You don’t need to be closing people at a holiday party.

Have Fun

The best thing to do over the holidays is to have fun. Speak with as many people as you can. Reconnect with people and keep yourself top of mind. Using these simple tips will help you with your recruiting and with your product sales.


If you do this with class, you will notice that you recruiting numbers will stay consistent or even go up over the holidays while other people are struggling.

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